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Welcome to Spadix Automated World

Spadix was born from an idea of simplicity, solid strength, fortitude, and the familiar hum of the production line.

An idea to automate and simplify the construction of window components. Not with complicated high maintenance equipment but with cleanly-designed durable machines.

To remove the manual operations, the bottlenecks of production, and the source of variability in quality and performance.

To allow your production to flow with minimal down time and maintenance.

Spadix was born to offer an alternative:
Durable automation at reasonable prices.

Spadix Technologies Inc. designs and manufacture machinery for use in the window and door industry. The first machine prototype was developed in a garage from scrap steel and bicycle chains, and was refined in our first commercial shop in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Since then, Spadix has designed and manufactured machinery in Middlesex, New Jersey.

Why choose Spadix Technologies?

Because we don’t limit your selection to a few stock machines. Instead, your needs come first. You can work directly with our design team to ensure that we understand your requirements, and then we’ll design a machine that uniquely suits your needs.

Our products are continually refined to deliver the most reliable performance. We partner with visionary manufacturers who share our goal to develop dependable machines, and who are ruthless in their evaluation of new product designs.

Our customers have seen our machines evolve to solve more complex automated tasks, to maximize durability, and to reduce the time and complexity of routine maintenance.