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SS-80 Semi Automated I.G. Sealing System

The SS-80 system is an economical alternative to hand sealing single and dual seal I.G. units. The system is compatible with metal spacer bar as well as non-metal and flexible spacer systems. The system can apply either hot or cold sealants.
The machine will clamp the unit, apply the sealant to one side of the I.G. unit, then unclamp. The operator simply rotates the unit 90 degrees and repeats the process for the other three sides.
  • Standard machine can seal units from 12'' x 12'' to 80'' x 80''.
  • Can seal single or dual seal units.
  • Can seal non-metal and flexible spacer systems.
  • Processes up to 500 units per 8 hour shift.
  • Comes complete with our STE-55, 55-gallon hot melt pump.